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Jesse Monzon-Teacher / Director Crossroads Academy


            My name is Jesse. I am the classroom teacher and director for Crossroads Academy. As a teacher, I provide a nurturing and caring environment in which a student can feel safe and welcomed. I employ three major operating standards in my classroom. These are the only ones that I, as a teacher, add to the student created list of standard operating procedures, or SOPs. To begin, I expect nothing more than respect from everyone to everyone that is in the room. That includes visitors and observers. The second is honesty. I expect honesty from everyone that is a member of my class, and I also give them the honesty that the student deserves. Lastly, I expect integrity and teach integrity in my classroom, and again, this applies to everyone that is a member or visiting in my classroom. I have been teaching for a number of years (8) in varying ages ranging from 3-11. Over the years, I have learned tremendously from my students as they have learned from me. Please feel free to visit our classroom and see for yourself what we have to offer.

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Juanita Gonzales-Co-Teacher Crossroads Academy


            I am Juanita Gonzales, the co-teacher at Crossroads Academy. I have been working with children ages 3-9 for 20 years and it has been a rewarding experience. When working with children, teachers and child care providers set the tone for their environment. A negative attitude will alter the experience for the child. We have fun in our classroom and create a positive learning environment for our children. Such an experience will be felt at home and in the classroom. On the other hand, an authentic positive attitude can also be felt by the child. We have a responsibility to the children that we teach, care for, and educate, to the best of our chosen career. This allows for success! This success can be felt by the student, staff, and families.

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