The Methodist Episcopal Church of Clifton, Colorado

The Methodist Episcopal Church of Clifton, Colorado


The first organizational meeting of the trustees was July 4, 1906. The same year, the Methodist Church of Clifton began construction with a contract of $2,818 for a wood-framed structure to have a seating capacity of 315 people.  In mid-1907 the new Methodist Episcopal Church at Clifton was completed at 4th Street and Grand. With a total cost of $4,000, the new building consisted of an auditorium 32x50 feet with a seating capacity of 250 and a lecture room with a seating capacity of 75. The auditorium boasted the “very best of pews made with five ply curved oak backs and built up curved seats of elm.” Colorado Governor Henry A. Buchtel, who was also a preacher, dedicated the Methodist Episcopal Church with much fanfare. The Governor was taken for an automobile ride through the orchards of the valley and then he delivered a lectured in Clifton on Theodore Roosevelt.

 The building and site served the congregation well for nearly 60 years, but the building was sinking.  The name "Crossroads Methodist Church" was a suggested name submitted by Rosa Lee Blackwell with the thought that the congregation was at the 'crossroads' of their lives and there comes a time when a decision must be made "for" or "against" Christ. The Consecration Service was held for the building on 30 Road and Patterson on March 6, 1966. There have been additions and remodels since with the latest being completed in 1996.  The mortgage was paid in full in 2011.

Johnson's Corner.png

Johnson's Corner

The intersection of 30 Road and Patterson was known as "Johnson's Corner".


Traditional service at 9AM || Praise Service at 10:30

Sunday School for all ages - 10:30AM

Phone Number: 970-242-0577 | Fax Number: 970-241-6919

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