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Praise is key, especially if your child is not in a cooperative phase. Try to catch them being good. Kids repeat behaviors that get attention.

Develop predictable routines. Kids cooperate in school because they know what's expected of them, says Beth Cohen-Dorfman, educational coordinator at Chicago's Concordia Avondale Campus preschool. "The children follow essentially the same routine day after day, so they quickly learn what they are supposed to be doing, and after a while barely need reminding." While it would be impractical to have the same level of structure at home, the more consistent you are, the more cooperative your child is likely to be, suggests Cohen-Dorfman. Decide on a few routines and stick to them: Everyone gets dressed before breakfast. When we come in from outside, we wash our hands. No bedtime stories until all kids are in jammies. Eventually, following these "house rules" will become second nature to your child. (Lamb, M. 2018. 20 Tips from Parents

Dear Parents/Guardians:

As we continue to grow together we have several celebrations that we would like to share with you. We have made progress in understanding the classroom rules with less reminders! We have looked at several letters and numbers since the start of the term and we have been making amazing progress in letter recognition and sound. We frequently take a “Letter Walk” through our classroom and look for “Mary Moo Cow’s Letter of the Week” with great success finding that letter among our things. We are implementing Growth Mindset in our classroom in an effort to teach independence and self-reliance, and to align with SD 51.  

As always, thank you for being a part of our growing Crossroads Academy Community, and please feel free to contact us with questions or concerns.


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March 31: Report to Parents and Guardians

April 1: Easter

April 23: Earth Day

May 23: Water Fun Day (Weather Permitting)

May 23: Final Day for Students and Final Report to Parents and Guardians.

June 11-July 27: Super Summer Program from 8:00-12:00


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